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Project Description
Microsoft Robotics Studio services to interface with the VEX Robots controller

I've (finally) updated the build for the final release and finished testing. Sorry for the delay.

Updated the system to beta 2 of MRS.

I've delivered a few fixes since 11/1 and I've been doing a bit of playing around. I've added two new services:
  1. Battery monitor
  2. 6 Wheel drive
The battery monitor is a simple circuit to build, but does require that you build a cable to go between the battery and the controller. (See the source file for the description of the circuit.) The 6 wheel drive is the drive that I've been using on my Mars Rover.

Fixed (since the last post) a lot of bugs. Fixed notifications to be the correct type. (Found by writing several VPL tests that now behave correctly. Internal exceptions were thrown that were not noticed unless you had the debugger attached at the time.) Fixed more than a few other 'minor' bugs. I'm still working on it. Let me know if you run into anything. (My telepathy hasn't been working so good since I had the siding put up... ;>)

It's been a long time since there has been an update, but what an update.
  • R4 Release (This doesn't work with prior builds of Robotics Studio)
  • Services are now sensible. A service only supports one sensor at a time.
  • Digital input/output is now replaced by the standard GPIO generic service.
  • Many (more) implementation bugs are now fixed.

I'm still going through the system to test this update, but it seems more stable than prior releases.

This project describes a set of services to support the VEX Robotics controller from Microsoft Robotics Studio 2.0. This release has some major changes to the default handling. Rather than requiring you to set default parameters, each supporting service can search for the controller to setup a working default. (E.g. if the first encoder is set as interrupt 3, then if you create an encoder without a manifest, it will search and find the encoder on interrupt 3.)

There are MANY bug fixes in comparison to the 1.5 version. Responses are now generated after requests are satisfied. New and soon to be released sensors from VEX Robotics are supported. (At least I expect they are since I don't actually have the sensors yet.)

Currently implemented are:
*Button switch sensors
*Limit switch sensors
*Light sensor
*Sonar sensor
*Analog Inputs/Outputs
*Digital Inputs/Outputs

A description of the SquareBot robot is included to start with.

Please check the discussions for generation and usage comments as I learn more that I don't mention in any other documentation.

1/1/2009 Happy New Year
I've updated the build to support setting the controller from the manifest settings from the supporting service.

1/28/2009 Some friendly links
8/13/2009 Request for the users of this software
Please do not upload this software onto other download sites. I have no problem with it being used and shared (obviously from the license), but I would like to track usage. If I do not see a lot of traffic, I feel that my work is worthless and I have little incentive to go and put the time and effort into keeping the software up to date with the many releases from Microsoft.

I just found out it has been uploaded to Softpedia and there are almost twice the number of downloads there than off of the master copy. I get nothing out of this other than seeing the download counter get bumped and with it on other download sites, I do not see the bump. That makes finding the time to maintain the version a very low priority.

I do appreciate the thought and thank you to whoever uploaded it.

Additionally, thank you to all of the people who have downloaded and used it. (I wouldn't mind hearing whether you like it and continue to use it or think it is trash and gave up. To date I've only heard from three of the over 500 people who have downloaded the package. (Thanks to those who have contacted me.) Again, no feedback makes me think that you tried it and gave up. If there are bugs I have no way to know about them. If you are using it I have no way of knowing about it. My telepathy does not work so good... yet.

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